Finding a Good UK Bingo Bonus

If You're Looking for Good Bingo BonusIf you’re a keen bingo player, you’re probably looking for ways of maximising your bankroll and making as much money as you can. What better way than by taking advantage of one of the many online UK bingo bonuses? There are lots of bingo providers out there, and with more springing up all the time, promotional offers and deals to reward loyal players and to attract some new customers are in plentiful supply.

All you need to do is pick the right bingo bonus for you. Whether you want to try to scoop bigger wins thanks to a deposit bonus or whether you would just like the chance to try some games for free, you’re sure to find a bingo bonus that will suit you perfectly. We look here at some of the different types of bingo bonus that you can find online so you can choose the one that you like best.

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How to Choose a Bingo Bonus Site

With huge numbers of bingo operators online today, choosing the right one to suit your needs can be difficult, especially as they are all competing for the attention of new players by offering them all kinds of great promotional deals and fantastic bonuses. When you are trying to choose a bingo operator, it’s always important to read reviews and find out whether the provider that you like the sound of is reliable and trustworthy. Although the most well-known bingo websites are reputable, if you decide to go with a small operator, you need to be wary in case you are falling for a scam. Checking out the types of games available on the site is also important since some providers offer a huge variety of games while others have far fewer. If you value having a wealth of choice, you need to pick a site that offers an impressive selection.

What Types of Online Bingo Bonuses are There?

If you’re looking for the best bingo bonus for you, you’ll need to know the range of possibilities. Not all promotions are available from all providers, and some are found more regularly than others. Here is your guide to the most commonly offered deals.

No Deposit Bonus

Although not all bingo sites offer no deposit bonuses as a sign-up incentive, those which do give players the opportunity to play a few games without needing to put down any of their own money. This kind of offer can be claimed for just registering for the site’s services without needing to spend any cash. Although this may seem appealing, you should remember that there will usually be a limit on the sums you can cash out using this type of risk-free bonus, and this means that, although it is pretty generous, it is not necessarily the best value if you compare it with some other promotional deals that are available.

Deposit Match Bonus

Deposit match bonuses are very popular among today’s players since it awards players a sum of money equal to the deposit amount they pay into their live account. That means that, whether the players deposit a small or large sum, they can enjoy receiving double their money. Some deposit match deals are more generous still, giving players the opportunity to receive a huge bonus of as much as 500% of the amount they deposit. This is clearly excellent value and is a bonus that is definitely worth looking for.

Free Games

Free Bingo Games BonusOne more kind of promotional deal that you may see online is the chance to receive free bingo cards and tickets. Although these are usually offered to new players, they are sometimes offered to existing customers too, and regulars at some websites may be given several cards or tickets to join in with a high-value game. When opting for this type of promotion, you must check that any winnings will be cashed out as cash credits and not as bingo credits, since if you receive them as bonus funds you’ll have to buy a certain number of bingo tickets with those profits to turn them into real cash.

Reload Bonus Offers

A reload bonus is an exclusive offer which is designed to reward loyal customers and to persuade them to stay loyal to that particular brand. Sometimes called a cash back bonus, this deal can be found either as a one-off promotion or as an ongoing offer every time the player deposits money into their playing account. Frequently, reload bonuses are between 10% to 50% of the deposit amount, however when taking advantage of this offer, players must take care to look carefully at any deposit wagering requirements.

Spin The Wheel

Spin The Wheel is an interesting and common offer which adds an extra fun element to a welcome bonus. This type of deal gives the player a chance to boost their bonus by a certain amount, but while this could increase their deposit by up to £2,500, usually, the amount is more like £10. This offer sometimes offers players the chance to win free spins on slots rather than a bonus for use on a game of bingo.

Newbies Rooms

If you’re new to a bingo site, it’s often possible to benefit from an exclusive newbie room. These rooms are only open to players who have just signed up to the site, and new players can access them for a set period of time which could be as short as 24 hours but could be as long as a week depending on the operator. In these rooms, new players can usually buy cheap tickets or play free games, and often there are several types of bingo game to pick from to enable newbies to learn about the various games that can be found on the site. Players can win a host of prizes which could be either a bingo bonus to be used on one of the site’s games or even a cash bonus. Should you wish to take up these offers, you should check the conditions so that you won’t be disappointed if you are lucky enough to win.

Bingo Bonuses for Mobile Apps

bingo bonuses on your mobile device

When you play bingo using your mobile device, you can often benefit not only from regular sign up deals, but also specific bonuses that are aimed exclusively at players who are using their tablets or smartphones. While some of these are aimed at all mobile device players, others are specifically given as a reward for downloading that particular operator’s app. These deals offer even better value for money and are a great opportunity to make the most of your gaming budget, although as always, checking out the terms and conditions is a must.

What do I Need to Know About Terms and Conditions?

While online bingo bonuses are a great way to increase your winnings, there is one downside to consider, and that is the fact that there will almost certainly be a wagering requirement. If bingo sites gave away money for free without expecting anything from the player in return that would be wonderful, but that isn’t going to happen. You won’t be able to withdraw any bonus you’ve been given, any deposit that you’ve put down and any winnings that you made from using that bonus until all of the site’s specified wagering requirements have been met. Wagering requirements are a key part of playing online bingo and therefore you need to be aware of them and understand what they mean.

It can be hard to get to grips with the basics of wagering requirements, so here, we look at what they actually are and what they mean for you. Wagering requirements are basically multipliers which specify the number of times you have to wager before your winnings can be withdrawn. A handful of sites permit cashing out without any wagering requirements needing to be met, however usually in these cases you must forfeit the bonus, and that isn’t a great trade-off. Wagering requirements are designed to stop players stacking up multiple bonuses and withdrawing cash without spending money at the site, and also to meet with the rules and regulations regarding money laundering.

Usually, bingo bonus wagering requirements can only be met by wagers on the site’s bingo games, and not on any other side games like slots. While some websites have reasonable requirements, others are much less generous and make it very difficult for players to withdraw their winnings, therefore you need to pay close attention to this element when registering for a site. You can only meet a wagering requirement by continuing to play bingo games until the set amount has been spent. Although at one time terms and conditions were hidden away in small print on the website, these days bingo operators must specify wagering requirements and terms and conditions clearly when advertising bonus promotions in order to comply with the rules set by The Gambling Commission.

How do I Get a Welcome Bonus

After finding a reliable bingo website which offers welcome bonuses to new players, it’s possible to claim the promotion.

Find Some Of The Best Welcome Bonuses for Mobile Apps

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How to Play Bingo Online Using a Bonus Offer

While virtually all bingo websites are busy all day and all night, certain parts of the day are quieter and, therefore, if you carefully coincide your playing times with the quieter periods you can maximise any winnings if you’re taking advantage of a promotional deal. When you log on to a bingo website to claim your bonus during a quieter period, there’ll be fewer people playing, thus giving you a much higher chance of winning when you buy a larger number of cards. While sometimes you have no other option than playing during a busy time, you should know that there could be hundreds of players joining the games, and this will dramatically decrease your chance of scooping the jackpot.

These times, therefore, are probably not the right time to use a promotional code. Some online bingo games which you can play with bonus credits are even better value since they give players the chance to win multiple rewards. One example is the 90 ball game which gives you the opportunity to win up to 3 cash prizes. If you use a promotional offer on one of these types of games, you can maximise your chance of scooping a prize.

While you clearly shouldn’t choose a bingo operator solely based on their deals or promotions, it’s certainly worth keeping any bonus offers in mind when choosing the right site for you. With a wealth of bonus types available, there’s bound to be a deal that matches your preferences and playing style, and they are a good way of boosting your profits. If you’re planning on playing bingo on your mobile device through its browser or with a downloaded app, you may even find that there are extra incentives offered to encourage you to sign up with a particular provider. Most importantly of all, however, is to remember to always read all of the terms and conditions carefully before you accept any bingo bonus as otherwise, you could find that you are disappointed when you want to cash out any winnings.